Wheel & Rim Repair

With the ever changing roadways in our country, there is always a high level of certainty that you are going to scratch or damage your wheels at one point of time. But there is no need to worry, we can make your wheels look new again. We use an exclusive system designed to erase any damage from your wheel/s.

Based on your wheel and the damage we come up with a repair process from the beginning to the end and discuss cost, time and outcome of the repair.

Our basic repair process starts with the removal of the old damaged finish. This exposes the bare metal and allows the repair process to start fresh. The next step is filling and shaping the repair to match the original shape and design of the wheel. The final step would be painting and adding clear coat to the damaged area. We can match any color paint to your original OEM or aftermarket wheel. With wheel manufactures now releasing color codes to wheels, this process is becoming easy. Even without the color codes, we have professionally trained and certified technicians that can custom mix paint to match your wheels.